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The Governor's Residence

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Woodburn and the Underground Railroad

Wording on Plaque:Part of a tract of 3000 acres granted to John Hillyard by William Penn, March 7, 1683. His great-grandson, Charles Hillyard, built this mansion and resided here with his wife, Mary, daughter of William Killen, first Chancellor of Delaware. According to tradition, here culminated Patty Cannon’s raid on Dover, vividly portrayed in George […]

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The Girl in the Gingham Dress

A ghostly visitor, according to legend, is a small girl in a gingham dress and bonnet. She carries a candle and walks the grounds around the reflecting pool. She was also seen by some guests in the Great Hall during an inaugural party for Governor Mike Castle.

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The Woodburn Ghost

The first documented Woodburn ghost appeared around 1815, about 25 years after the house was built. Dr. and Mrs. Martin Bates, the owners at the time, were entertaining Mr. Lorenzo Dow, a well-known itinerant Methodist preacher. One morning at the breakfast table, Mrs. Bates asked Mr. Dow to begin the meal with prayer. Mr. Dow […]

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Ghosts and Legends

Woodburn has long been the subject of local legends and thought to be home to other worldly visitors… The Woodburn Ghost The Girl in the Gingham Dress Woodburn and the Underground Railroad

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